Affirmative action

A team of loyal and dedicated contributors from the diaspora working in tandem with the foundation to develop Move On. A concept of practical work, decisions making , ensuring the overall success of all projects to be implemented.

“I engage to serve.”

We’ll encourage successful or people from the community who are willing to sponsor less fortunate, or outstanding youngsters, who would be carefully selected in their schools
It takes less than 100 euros a year school in Africa and less than 200 euros for university.
• Sponsor an athlete
• Provide school equipment for an athlete.
• Engage in community service

Our aim

• To promote and magnify the community by: The development of sports and leisure activities ; Encouraging all sports educational projects, promoting the transmission of knowledge in the field of history, science, economy, finance, environment (sports) to award scholarships to athletes ; • Awards  for those who excel  in their field in order to encourage others. • The contribution to the improvement of sport education (equipment for training, classical education etc),  sport clinic and other  sports facilities. • The promotion of individual initiative and collective support through micro-projects in the pipeline and building projects in progress. • Encourage  sponsorship for athletes  with limited resources. To avoid redundancy we will work in collaboration with partners pursuing the same objectives.


Due to unused skills and competences in the community, Move On foundation will invite qualified and experienced people from all works of life to advise, encourage, guide and motivate interested people of the community. The engagement of Move On is to serve our community.

Move On will encourage members of the community to volunteer, to share their life experience, to take actions in their own environment and more importantly demand donations so that we can carry out our projects.

Projects of Move On will include creating facilities wherever needed, including in Africa, where facilities are particularly lacking.

Move On will also need financial support to build a center in Europe…

Eunice Barber

Founder’s word

Change begins with yourself

The Vision

I dreamt up the idea of MOVE ON when I realized that I would probably not have fully succeeded in my athletic career without the decisive encounters that I was lucky to have. In my country of origin, people talk of “exposure”, but that is not always enough; one should also be helped and above all guided.

So MOVE ON intends to appeal to talented young people from all parts of the world, who do not move in an environment solid enough to enable them to give concrete expression to their potential and carry out their projects.


Born November 17, 1974 in Freetown, Sierra Leone is a Sierra Leonean athlete competing in heptathlon and long jump. Barber initially competed for Sierra Leone She won the long jump for Sierra Leone in 1995 African championship in Zimbabwe. And then for France from 1999 on wards.  She won the heptathlon at the World Championships in Athletics in 1999, the long jump in 2003 and finished second in heptathlon in 2003 and 2005. She ‘s the French record holder in both the long jump and the heptathlon.
Her coach was Bob Kersee with whom she won 4 medals…